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The Soaring Sights of San Francisco’s Annual Fleet Week:
For the past four decades, Bay Area residents have come together to enjoy a much-loved tradition during the first week of every October: Fleet Week. This event on Fisherman’s Wharf honors the contributions of members of the U.S. Armed Forces and residents of the Yerba Buena Island homes will be perfectly positioned to take in the festivities. Situated just a few minutes from Downtown San Francisco, residents will have the option to view the event up close in the thick of Fleet Week action—or, for those who prefer to keep a distance from the crowds, the sights can be enjoyed from the breathtaking vantage point of Yerba Buena Island itself.

This year’s Fleet Week runs from October 3-11 and offers events such as ship tours, live music, and air shows. Perhaps the marquee event of Fleet Week is the U.S. Navy Blue Angels’ Air Show—the only fully choreographed air show in the country performed with a commercial airliner, the United 777. The show also features the Blue Angels’ F-18 Super Hornet, action from the U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper Demo Team, and the Red Bull Air Force Wingsuit Skydivers, among others.

For activities on the water, step aboard U.S. Navy amphibious destroyers and cruisers for tours. And, on the morning of October 8, view the Parade of Ships on full display along the San Francisco waterfront—the largest parade of its kind on the West Coast. The fleet will enter the bay under the Golden Gate Bridge and sail to the Bay Bridge past the reviewing stand at the Marina Green. It’s hard to miss, as the San Francisco Fire Department’s fireboat leads the way, shooting jets of water into the air to celebrate the Fleet’s arrival.

After witnessing the dazzling displays in the air and on the water, head over to the 2nd Annual Fleet Fest at Pier 30/32 from October 8-10. This free outdoor event, which is expected to attract over 10,000 local visitors and service members, offers family-friendly entertainment with food vendors and music, including the Heroes Concert in honor of first responders and members of the military.

For a unique and luxurious perspective on the events, residents of Yerba Buena Island’s new San Francisco condos can opt to book a private yacht to take in the sights. All-inclusive cruises during specific Fleet Week festivities, such as the Air Show, are available through the Red and White Fleet cruise line.

Whether Yerba Buena Island residents take a quick ferry into San Francisco for an outdoor concert or enjoy a bay cruise while watching thrilling aerial acrobatics above, they’ll be taking part in a time-honored Bay Area tradition.

Explore Yerba Buena Island’s Favorite Neighbor: Wine Country:
From heady reds to juicy whites, California wines are renowned worldwide, ranking among the finest vintages. Northern California’s exquisite wine country mirrors the rolling hills of iconic European and Mediterranean landscapes, a scenic backdrop for sampling the region’s varieties. Future Yerba Buena Island residents will enjoy the wonderful world of wine at their fingertips, with the picturesque grape-growing counties of Sonoma and Napa nearby, as well as their own artisan winery on Treasure Island just minutes away.

The heart of Napa Valley’s wine country is less than an hour’s drive from the new homes on Yerba Buena Island, making a trip to the vineyards an easy afternoon excursion. While many residents will simply hop in their cars for the outing, companies like Green Dream Tours remove the stress of planning and piloting, allowing residents to simply enjoy the beauty of the countryside and its incredible wines. Each Green Dream tour takes guests to three wineries in either the Napa or Sonoma Valley, giving them a sample of each area’s specialties, as well as a taste of local culinary flavors during a hosted lunch. Residents who prefer a more elegant voyage through the vineyards will love the Napa Valley Wine Train, which takes passengers on an enchanting route through the region while they sip fine wines and enjoy gourmet meals in plush accommodations.

However, you don’t have to step foot off the island to have an evening of spectacular wine; Yerba Buena Island residents can enjoy the region’s amazing varieties at Treasure Island Wines. This “serious urban winery” combines the brewpub and winery experience in a single unforgettable location, where visitors can enjoy more than 40 wines made on-site from grapes grown all over Northern California. The casual atmosphere is perfect for an afternoon picnic—plus, outdoor seating means Yerba Buena residents can sample everything from zinfandels to malbecs against the panoramic backdrop of the Bay.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. With built-in wine refrigerators located in all condos and townhomes, Yerba Buena Island homeowners can bring home a few bottles to add to their personal collection. So, whether you’re already a wine lover or just grape-curious, settle into an incredible location among the world’s finest viniculture. Inquire here to learn more about this unique residential offering and secure your place within it.
A Naturalist’s Paradise—The Plant Life and Wildlife of Yerba Buena Island:
Thoughtful interiors meet exquisite natural spaces bursting with wildlife on Yerba Buena Island. Located amidst diverse flora, rolling green spaces, and trails crisscrossing verdant landscapes and seaside views, the distinctive collection of homes incorporate aspects of the surrounding natural environment into finishes, materials, and textures. From expansive floor-to-ceiling windows with sun-soaked panoramic views to white oak plank flooring throughout, the architecture continues the island’s story—one that revolves around nature itself. While the residences provide a retreat from the bustle of city life, their location offers the convenience of Downtown San Francisco just minutes away. With avenues for hiking, relaxing, and appreciating the island’s wildlife and natural splendor, Yerba Buena Island is a haven for those who are recharged and reinvigorated by nature.

The island—named after the herbal yerba buena plants abundant in the area—is home to several microclimates that support diverse wildlife and plant life throughout the island. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the sprawling array of plant species, with upwards of 60,000 plants from among 88 species dotting the island, including the California hazelnut and fiesta flower. From its willows to coastal scrub species, succulents to pygmy and taller oaks, the 150-acre island houses distinctive pockets of plants and wildlife, all ready for exploration.

With 72 acres of park and green spaces, the island is ideal for quiet evening walks or scenic downtime with family and friends. Residences are tucked into forested areas and boast views of Clipper Cove and Bay Bridge; simply returning home from the city will feel like a quiet retreat back to a peaceful, lush paradise. Opportunities for residents to actively partake in their surroundings abound—weekends await spent hiking along the island’s five miles of trails, exploring the parks, lounging seaside at Clipper Cove, or cooling down with a dip in the pristine waters.

Yerba Buena Island residents will savor breathtaking natural views from their homes and enjoy walks through the impressive ecological backdrop, right in their backyard. The island offers the rare opportunity to explore an incredible natural world outside your doorstep, with the Bay Area only moments away.

To experience Yerba Buena Island yourself, schedule a visit today.
Summer on Treasure Island:
A verdant oasis between San Francisco and Oakland, Yerba Buena Island features views of the Bay Bridge and the city skyline, presenting their majesty from a quiet distance. On the island, The Bristol residences appear to merge with the tree-lined hills and surrounding greenery, providing an island retreat where residents can bask in the feeling of well-being inspired by the elegant design and the use of the highest quality natural materials from Hart Howerton and Edmonds + Lee Architects. The adjoining Treasure Island—so named because of the potential for gold embedded in the bay soil it was made from—is also a treasure for Yerba Buena Island residents, those who want the best of San Francisco without the bustle and noise.

Unique places attract unique people, so it’s no surprise that Treasure Island boasts incredible restaurants and wineries—the dream projects of creative San Franciscans come to life. Looking across the bay to the city, the islands have an intimate yet remote feel where a staycation mentality can become a lifestyle.

Parke Ulrich and MeeSun Boice opened Mersea, a container-style restaurant on Treasure Island's Great Lawn, just as much to create community for the island as to feed it. The restaurant and bar, which was highlighted for the best views of San Francisco by the San Francisco Chronicle, serves American classics like double cheeseburgers, pizza, root beer floats, and haddock and bacon chowder. Made with the freshest possible local and seasonal ingredients and featuring elegant touches, you’ll find yourself adding truffle oil to your fries or espresso to your soft-serve ice cream.

Already famous for its croissant French toast, Aracely is the place to find, according to Thrillist, “an SF-caliber brunch without the lines, fog, or prices.” Complete with an outdoor garden, a fire pit, twinkling lights, and lounge-worthy furniture, the restaurant is an equally lovely spot for a relaxed dinner under the stars or a wedding. Along with the French toast—made from fresh croissants and served with rhubarb and dulce de leche cream cheese—the menu is full of inspired favorites refreshed with a creative twist, like ginger and polenta waffles served with oatmeal ice cream and toy box carrots with sorrel hummus.

In addition to being a foodie’s paradise, a plethora of wineries on the island is also burgeoning. Vie shows off French wines, while The Winery, which is set to reopen on December 31st, focuses on local wines in an elegant setting. If the combination of the gastronomic and the adventurous is an island staple, Treasure Island Wines is the place to find it in spades; here, you can taste varietals like Viognier, Grenache, Malbec, and Carignane, all made from California grapes in an ode to the spirit of travel right at home.

For those looking to enjoy a vibrant food and wine scene—all set against the exquisite backdrop of the bay—Treasure Island is ready for your culinary exploration.
Biking on Yerba Buena Island:
The San Francisco Bay Trail is a walking and cycling path that will ultimately encompass 500 miles as it winds around San Francisco Bay and passes through all nine Bay Area counties (plus 47 cities en route). With 350 miles already in place, it's time to get on your bike and enjoy the natural splendor and urban culture surrounding you.

It All Starts at Home
For residents of the new condos at Yerba Buena Island, the trail couldn't start closer to home; five miles of it weave around the very island where you live. Step out your front door and explore the undulating landscape on two wheels, pausing to take in the Downtown skyline and Golden Gate Bridge—as well as appreciating the sandy beachfront and the island's ~60,000 plants.

The Parks, Reserves, and Wildlife
The bike trail takes in so much natural beauty and wildlife that you could cycle for years and still not see everything. Explore the reedbeds and wildflowers—and look out for the local sheep—at Coyote Hills Regional Park. Cycle to Hayward Regional Shoreline to watch egrets, herons, and shorebirds in their wetlands habitat. Enjoy a languorous barbecue at the scenic Crissy Field. Camp out at China Camp State Park, enjoying the swimming spots and a museum that tells the story of the shrimp fishermen who once lived here.

The Bridges
Few things are as exhilarating as crossing the bay by bike, and the San Francisco Bay Trail includes plenty of breathtaking bridge crossings. As you leave Yerba Buena Island, you'll zip over the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, with views of Angel Island State Park and the majestic hills surrounding the bays. Dumbarton Bridge whisks you between beguiling wildlife reserves. The inimitable Golden Gate Bridge is on the trail, as is the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, linking infamous San Quentin to the historic Point Richmond neighborhood.

The Cities
The San Francisco Bay Trail is also a wonderful way to get out and explore neighboring cities. Visit the Hiller Aviation Museum in Redwood City. Eat ribs and baked potatoes at the famous Henry's Hi-Life in San Jose. Relive your childhood at Santa Rosa's Charles M. Schulz Museum. Catch a world-class concert at the Oakland Arena. Thanks to the San Francisco Bay Trail, the entire area really is your oyster. Better get pedaling.
The Perfect Fourth of July Viewing Spot:
San Francisco's Fourth of July fireworks are back this year — and future residents of the new condos on Yerba Buena Island, who will be able to move in at the beginning of 2022, will have front-row seats. Here's how to start new traditions and spend a memorable day with friends and family, with a grand finale of magnificent (and exclusive) views of the spectacular show erupting over the city.

Be the Holiday Host With the Most
When you call the idyllic Yerba Buena Island home, friends and family will be eager to come and visit. Here's your chance to be the holiday host with the most. First, let guests settle into their lodgings for the weekend and marvel at your new condo's elegantly modern interiors, featuring breathtaking island, bay, and city panoramas. Next, show off the rugged beauty of the island by venturing out along its five miles of biking trails. Follow this with a well-deserved soak in the outdoor pool and hot tub at the Island Club and round things off with a bottle of Sonoma Valley wine by its outdoor fireplace.

Heading Into Town
As the celebrations heat up in San Francisco, it'll be time to embrace the carnival atmosphere. The daily commuter service will whisk you to the iconic Ferry Building in no time. Otherwise, it'll be a quick 10-minute drive into the city. Watch festooned floats ride along Main Street in the annual Half Moon Bay’s Ol’ Fashioned 4th of July Parade & Festival. Be stirred by the San Francisco Symphony playing live in Stern Grove. Or, make the 20-minute drive from the island to Oakland, cross over into Alameda, and explore the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Hornet and dance to DJ sets on deck.

The Pièce de Résistance
For the main event, it'll be time to return to Yerba Buena Island. Located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, the island will be perfect for viewing the Independence Day fireworks, which are launched from the end of the Municipal Pier. Host cocktails and canapés on your private terrace. Crack a bottle of fizz while feeling the sand between your toes at the island's private beach, Clipper Cove. Explore the tree-lined paths weaving their way uphill, and perch on an outcrop with a picnic. Wherever you choose to celebrate on the island, it'll be a memorable evening. And your friends and family are bound to invite themselves for the next year, too.