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SF Gate: 40 reasons why it's the best time to live in SF right now
It’s a great time to live in San Francisco. Yes, the city has its struggles, from inequality and the ongoing drug crisis to government bureaucracy that can be almost comically inefficient. But there are also so many reasons to be hopeful about SF’s future and to celebrate what’s ahead in 2024.
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The San Francisco Standard: They Spent Millions To Live on an Island in San Francisco With No Grocery Store. Who Are They?
Residents of Yerba Buena Island share their experiences of living at The Bristol in this new article from The San Francisco Standard. Jack Lease, a retired plastic surgeon, describes his move from Napa Valley to a two-bedroom residence in The Bristol, highlighting the serene environment and proximity to the city. Derek and Dorothy Krause, a retired couple, share their journey from Oakland to their new home, emphasizing the safety and vacation-like experience on the island. Additionally, Michael Lee, a recruiting director, talks about the peace and accessibility from his two-bedroom home. These personal stories illustrate why people choose to invest over $1 million in this community, set against its rich history and the ongoing development.
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San Francisco Chronicle: Yerba Buena opens up with ‘ecological infrastructure’ that embraces nature
Yerba Buena Island, situated amidst significant construction and redevelopment, reveals its subtle charms through inventive public spaces that harmonize with nature. Landscape architecture firm CMG has played a crucial role in crafting these spaces, such as benches made from century-old eucalyptus trees and boulders repurposed from building sites, illustrating a commitment to sustainable and thoughtful design. Despite ongoing construction, the emerging parks and bioswales showcase an integrated approach, utilizing native plants grown from island-collected seeds and topsoil reclaimed from regrading. The evolving landscape not only reflects a unique reuse ethic but also hints at the developers' commitment to integrating this area into the daily life of San Francisco.
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San Francisco Chronicle: 24 San Francisco things to do in 2024
Riding the Treasure Island Ferry was hailed by The San Francisco Chronicle as one of the top 24 must-do experiences in San Francisco for 2024. Heralded as the “best commute in the Bay Area,” the 10-minute voyage transforms daily travel with its breathtaking vistas.
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SFGate: Yerba Buena Island's condos are outselling SF's other luxury buildings. Here's why.
The recent article highlights the exceptional success of The Bristol in the San Francisco luxury real estate market over the past 16 months. Surpassing sales of other luxury buildings by more than two times, The Bristol has sold 37% of its 124 residences amid a challenging housing market. Noteworthy in a period where the San Francisco condo market hit its lowest point since the 2009 recession, The Bristol's appeal lies in its Yerba Buena Island location. Resident testimonials, such as Sumeetha Jacob's strong sense of community, emphasize the island's unique charm. The article also underscores Yerba Buena Island's standout features—breathtaking views, prime location, and a developer-led "buydown program" with a 5.5% interest rate—to counteract market challenges, making The Bristol a standout choice in the competitive San Francisco real estate landscape.
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The Economist: A sculpture in San Francisco Bay points towards the future
In a new article, The Economist highlights artist Hiroshi Sugimoto's "Point of Infinity", which rises like a glistening steel needle on San Francisco's Yerba Buena Island. It's the first of many cultural attractions planned for San Francisco’s newest neighborhood, embracing art and 72 acres of green space and parks. This monumental sculpture acts as a sundial and meditation on time, showcasing both Yerba Buena Island and San Francisco's commitment to creativity and faith in the future. Continue reading to explore the profound symbolism behind this new masterpiece.
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